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Italienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienScuola di lingua italiana in ItaliaItalian language schools in ItalyItalienisch - Sprachreisen Italien
Italienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalian language coursesItalienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen Italien
Italienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen Italien
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Business Italian
Business - Trade - Commerce

Italienischkurse Italien
All Italian language classes which are specifically designed for a certain profession are usually held either on a one-on-one or two-on-one basis in order to be able to better meet the individual learning objectives of the student. We also conduct Italian classes for companies at any given location, in and outside of Italy.

You can also prepare for the official Business Italian examination "CIC". The Pasolini School is an authorized exam center of the University of Perugia. Please have a look at the CELI - CIC information or refer to our information office for further details.

The private classes in Business Italian are designed for students with a solid intermediate or advanced knowledge of the Italian language.

The Italian language courses are offered for students who want to learn Italian for their respective profession. The structure of the language classes in Italy is designed to meet the oral and written requirements requested in the business world. Individual learning objectives and focuses can be set by the students as major topics during the course of the class.

You can specialise e.g. on:
- Italian for trade, import and export
- Italian for the banking and investment sector
- Italian for law

Your course can also set a focus on special skills like e.g.:
- Italian on the phone
- Italian for meetings
- writing and understanding of Italian business letters

The typical duration of a private language courses is between 1 and 4 weeks with 20-40 lessons a week, depending on your individual level of knowledge. The ideal number of students per course is 1-2 maximum.


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