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official exam centre: CILS - DITALS - CELI - CIC
Individual courses in 50 cities throughout Italy

Italienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienScuola di lingua italiana in ItaliaItalian language schools in ItalyItalienisch - Sprachreisen Italien
Italienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalian language coursesItalienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen Italien
Italienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen Italien
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Sprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloThe Pasolini language school in Castiglioncello is an authorized exam center of the University Perugia for foreigners and the University Siena for foreigners for the only officially recognized exams in the Italian language: CELI, CILS, CIC for Business Italian and DITALS for teachers of the Italian language. These exams are developed in coorperation with ALTE and public authorities of the European Union.

CELI ZertifikatCELICELI PERUGIAZertifikat Italienisch

csn recognizedSprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloThe language courses are recognized in Sweden for study grants through CSN (CSN is the national authority that handles Swedish financial aid for students).

Sprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloThe school is also recognized as Bildungsurlaub by the public authorities of several German states.

Sprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloVox Televison broadcasted a report about us in 2006.

Sprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloFirst German Television (ARD) recommended our school in two separate reports in 1992 and 1993.

Sprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloThe school receives periodical mention in newspapers, e.g. Diners Club Magazine, Frankfurter Rundschau  (transregional German newspaper), OÖ Rundschau (transregional Austrian newspaper),

Sprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloThe Pasolini school has also been working together successfully with group tour organisers for school trips and from adult education centres since 1990.

Sprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloOur textbook "MondoItalia" is used as a teaching tool by several public and private language schools.

Sprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloWe also teach Italian for business and personal use in other parts in Italy.

Sprachreisen nach CastiglioncelloWe would be happy to send you contact details for a reference upon your request. Please do not hesitate to contact our office!

Our students are (mainly) between the ages of 18 and 65. They come from Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, USA, Canada, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Japan, China,....

They are employees, freelancers, or businessmen, working for the following companies, e.g.:

Alitalia - RyanAir - Fiat - Ferrero - Lufthansa - HOT (Television) - RTL Television - University Heidelberg - University Fribourg - University Vienna - University Basel - Fujitsu-Siemens - Deutsche Bank - Credit Suisse - BMW - Volkswagen - BASF - Daimler - Chrysler - SAP - TUI - EON - Ericsson - T-Online - IBM - Debitel - Nestlé - Roche - Sony - QSC - JP Morgan - Roland Berger - CableNet - Healey -Santander - Bayer AG - Sheraton Hotels - Continental -

and many more

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