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Italienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienScuola di lingua italiana in ItaliaItalian language schools in ItalyItalienisch - Sprachreisen Italien
Italienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalian language coursesItalienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen Italien
Italienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen ItalienItalienisch - Sprachreisen Italien
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One-on-Two and specialized courses

Italian language Italian language in Italy

The "One-on-Two" (one teacher and two students) Italian language courses are designed especially for you and your partner, friend, colleague ....

As soon as we have established your needs, we design a course to meet your specific requirements. We take into account your current knowledge, the amount of time you have available to devote to the language, and the terminology you are looking for, e.g. ‘survival skills’ for beginners or more specialized terminology (financial, business, medical, technical) for advanced speakers.

Intensive training is either on a one-on-two basis or can be arranged for a group of colleagues from the same organization.

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